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A die is hand engraved and struck onto copper metal. The recessed areas of the metal are filled with a cloisonné paste, baked to harden, and hand polished. This process is repeated many times. The back attachment is individually soldered onto each piece. The whole piece is then plated. A final hand-polishing is done for perfect finish. The cloisonne is very durable. The color selection is limited.


Epola is an excellent alternative to cloisonne. It has a similar process to cloisonne, except the recessed areas are filled with a brilliant colored resin, baked to harden, and highly polished. Compared to the traditional cloisonne, epola looks shinier, reveals better details, and has a wider color selection.

Die Struck Soft Enamel

The beginning processes are the same as in cloisonne. The the recessed areas are hand-colored with soft enamel and baked to harden. It offers the same thickness metal as cloisonne. Most PMS colors can be matched.

Photo Etched Soft Enamel

This process etches the design with acid onto a thin brass metal. Each excavation is filled with soft enamel and baked to harden. Most PMS colors can be matched. This process enables us to reproduce fine details. An epoxy coating is recommended.

Here are some samples of our pins:

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